puri5 magnum 2 vaporizer using solar power unboxing review users guide what you need to know

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This video was filmed in Oregon a legal cannabis state
puri5 magnum 2 vaporizer unboxing review users guide what you need to know before you buy. In this episode of Zakti Vibe Stanley gives a full tutorial on how to use the puri5 magnum 2 and takes it a step further by charging the vape with solar. The vape pen Stanley received had issues with the USB charging port that were quickly resolved. make sure you watch before you use. Overall we give the puri5 magnum 2 a 4.5 star perfect for on the go or at home with a clean tasting ceramic chamber with glass mouthpiece you will taste all of the flavors in your ganja and keep your lungs clean and healthy. So pack up a bole of your favorite marijuana strain and join in the fun. Like share and subscribe so you don’t miss a single show. let us know in the comments below what your favorite vape pen is?

I bought this vaporizer off Amazon. This review is of my opinion puri5 has not asked me to say or leave out any information. If you have a product you would like me to review please message me at zaktivibe@gmail.com
here is a link to the puri5 magnum 2

Juan Montano says:

I was looking to switch to vaping and I was looking at Vapes like the pax 3, fire fly 2, and this. Have you had experiences with the pax and the Firefly and if so which would you recommend out of those three?

milltrill thompson says:

if this was to be my first vape (which it is) could you reccomend a temperature and how many holes should be exposed thanks!!!

Sgt W says:

Save that vaped bud and put about a g on a fire cracker. Look it up.

Chris Martinez says:

I know this is a late reply and I don't even know if you're still on youtube but if you are do you change the filter, or wash the filter. Thanks 🙂

paul guzman says:

does it leave a odor?

Samuel John Paguila says:

Hey man after trying the product for a week I definitely got to say I am enjoying it! 😉 Just a quick question, does the battery inside the vaporizer need replacing after some time, or charging it through the USB port is enough for it to last for a while?

mrbaylove7 says:

So does the vape shut off even if it's being used or just when it's not in use?

Joshua Arriola says:

How much flower can you pack in the chamber? Example like a gram or so? Thanks!


how often do you change the filter

Kathy Weber says:

We just got ours but I can't seem to draw much of anything out of it. I feel like I'm getting light headed trying to get something out of it. (no vape/smoke to blow out). I really want this to be a winner… but I can't draw much of anything off of it. The air chamber is showing the 3 dots (cause I want to make sure it's burning) It's up to 420. The item sure gets REALLY warm. In fact now it's too hot to hold. The flower I put in… was all grinded up. The battery is in the correct direction… It shows battery life on the little screen. So what could be the reason we can't draw much of anything off of it? Tiny bit of smoke. You really have to look to even see that being exhaled. ugh.

Jeff Houk says:

just got mine today, still getting used to it as far as how much to pack in, how tight etc

Jeff Houk says:

what heat setting are you using?

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