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Today Mike & I Review the Quant Vaporizer!
Get it Here: quantvapor.com/

amirbassan1 says:

!Great device. Bought one last month and it's amazing.

Kerry Decker says:

I gotta get me a vaporizer for my herb an been holding off cause i just bought the voopoo drag with a rdta an been looking at a few dry herb an dab vaporizers an i want to make sure i buy the best vaporizer. Great video an review guys. Have a happy holidays indoortokers.

john doe says:

wow mike you cut your nails!

420coins says:

Man that is cool

Bebe Suzanne says:

Love you guys!!

Adam Lloyd says:

Just got my Prohibited 5th Degree oh gonna be a merry Christmas

Geo Twista says:

I like this one seems simple to run and looks tit's think I just found my first dry erb vaporizer thanks guys

Scott Nadeau says:

I want one of those

Angie D says:

Nice review as always. My mom would love this thing!!!! Good thing is I would have to smoke w her every time because she wouldn't know how to use it!!! Love Mike's hair up!!!!!!!!!!!! So much more handsome! Thanks guys! 💨💨💨💨💨

Candycorn mel says:

Awesome review! Love the wood look and it seems to do a good job.

genemaster74 says:

dam u guy, im always envious when u 2 start a sesh its still illigal here in aussieland, and wish i was on dat couch vapin on and getting smashed with u guys, cheers for the review see ya next session!!!

MRmoofoo2you says:

Nice,…fuk Pax!!

KP33 says:

Damn! That thing chucks cloud for being so small! Looks awesome!

Frumble Foot says:

You guys did 2 ovens at the same temperature lol. Yes every unit in existence can make visible vapor at max temp. Tells us nothing. I know I must seem like a prick but fuck is this your only job? Take it seriously!

Bryantrincon413 FAM says:

Is it better to vape or to just burn it with a blunt bcuz i hear that ppl dont like it as much because it doesnt give you the same high

Odin & Green says:

Quant looks smooth! Thx for the vid

Richard Jennex says:

and for the Donald Trump guy No one cares that your first nor do we care about just reading a message that says first like were out back playing in the sandbox when we we're 5 years old lol

Richard Jennex says:

hope you guys are having a great Friday night also thanks for the information Chris and Mike and yous always make me laugh with these videos

derty QWERTY says:

Wow, the price is not cheap but its not expensive, id say just right compared to things like the solo by arizer. I am saving this one, might buy it for myself if i get jewd for the holidays

derty QWERTY says:

Legit review, thank ya sir. No bs, is it as good as the portable herb vapes from Arizer? Like the Arizer solo?

The Angry Christian Fletch says:

I think I'll get this one. My chongs choice is wiggty whack yo

Carl Duckering says:

nice to see mike up in there with you. You 2 remind me of me and my buddy having a good time

Zach Corey says:

You guys are the best!!

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