REVIEW: 4 Vape Pens in One (HeavyHitters Quattro)

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Reviewing and Testing out the Heavy Hitters Quattro!

Hitting 4 vape pens at the same time.

Check out Heavy Hitters:

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Coche Alvarez says:

Add me on Snapchat jose_alvarez10 if you sell heavy hitters

Bryan 63604 says:

Were those the 2.2 gram carts?

It's GhxstMST says:

You are fuckin breathtaking. 👌 Jeeeesus you're blessed 😍😍

MrSOPHIST9 says:

But she does look sexy as fuck high…

MrSOPHIST9 says:

FLAVORS????????????????????? WTF…. I thought she was an expert…

vegaf2011 says:

No lie I have a feeling one female in this world will use it as a dildo. Kinda like a two in one combo. Get high and masterbate 😂😂😂

Foreignboii.chris says:

can i fuckk

Xxl!lm3nacexX Members only vol.3 says:

God damn your beautiful

cheese butter Central says:

Excessive and unnecessary. Theres literally no reason for this creation.

704.Slutty says:

Smoking dick

ricky estrada says:

Is this tha girl that spilt tha quarter pounder?

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