Review of the Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer – Mini Solo

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My Arizer Air Vape Review – See my rating here:

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EhCanadianGuy27 COD says:

what a shit review. fk u for ur lack of effort

KoolDee 149 says:

Definitely recommend this vape. My battery died out on me and my charger broke, good thing you can buy replacement batteries.

non _ ez says:

Air 2 is going to be released?

Bone says:

Cool guys only.

Kiks says:

can someone answer me this: if i want to buy an extra battery so i can switch when the first one dies, do i buy a battery directly from the Arizer website or are there better batteries that are compatible and safe to use on the market

LeftEyeofRa says:

what other imrovements couldyou want lol. all it really has to do is heat up

Leandro Ribeiro says:

Wich is better? Arizer Air or DaVinci Ascent?

Chris B says:

Also: heard you can use the after-vaped grounds in cannabutter. True?

Chris B says:

Hey, Vape Critic; nice review. Can you use concentrates on any of the Arizer products? Or are they only for flower?

lolipoppornbitch says:

hi guys, just got the arizer air a few weeks ago, and when the chamber is heating i can hear a little cracking noise.. is it something i should be worried about or is it normal ? thank you guys

Jorge Potyguara says:

Great review. What do you think for a first time user of vapes: Arzier Air or DaVinci's Ascent?

VioletPine22 says:

You wish it were more, ah… FLASHY!

Flash fielding says:

I'm new to vaporising what would everyone recommend the arizer air or the pax 2.

FreedomTaskForce says:

ive had this vape for over a year and used verry heavily. had to pickup a few new batteries after about 11months, but still going strong and still great taste and efficiency.

lolipoppornbitch says:

Arizer Air or Airvape XS? Looking mainly for flavour and taste. Like that the arizer air seems easy to clean, 2mins heat up seems a bit longer that airvape xs but i am not impatient. I also like the fact that you can controll the temperature to a precise degree on Xs… hard one man, .. would be grateful for some help. Thankx tomas

Mike Honcho says:

Hey would you rather this or the gpen elite? I'm looking to buy a dry herb vape that'll make some nice clouds and get me the highest so if you have any suggestions of which of those 2 or another one that would be good to get let me know

The Vape Critic says:


Izaac Becerra says:

Bro can you please review the vapor cup?💀😂 i know you're real af so you would say the true shit about it

LB says:

What's better than the solo under 200 ? It's on several sites for under 200

Friendly Metroid says:

The last portable vape I used (which was a long time ago) was an iolite. Aside from the different heating methods, can you compare the two? I love my extreme Q because bags are the best, but I miss being able to take a walk while on my way up.

Dope Darrell says:

Just ordered mine, also Love the channel man! Very professional and straight to the point, best vape channel I have come across.

Matt C says:

I just got my Air a few days ago, I noticed that it works pretty efficiently, although there is something I'm sort of having a problem with. When the session starts up i wait for it to heat, the light turns solid, i put the stem in and start vaping, almost immediately the light starts blinking again. After giving it a little time to heat it holds the heat better but eventually the light starts blinking again, it seems like either my units heating system is faulty or this vape cant handle hard draws. I'm not gonna lie back in the day i had a Pax so I guess I'm used to high draw resistance, the easier i take the draws, the better it performs. Let me know what you think bud, thanks!

tskitz says:

is it worth upgrading to the new Arizer Air from the previous Arizer Solo? Thanks for all inputs in advance

Antoine M says:

I have a G Pen pro and I want to change but I don't really know wich one to choose between this one and the g pen elite. Help me

purple holiday says:

Does anyone know what size mesh screen I could put in the glass stem to stop fine weed particles from being drawn into my mouth at times? Thanks…

xlifewritex says:

how's it compare to fire fly 2?

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