Review of Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer with VapoPads, VapoSteam & Kaz Inhalant

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The Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer works great for stuffy noses especially in the winter time when it helps heat up the room with the warm steam!

Urantia Wins says:

great review…very helpful…THANKS!

Rob Ludwig says:

Thanks! love that you put evangelism in the video. Who knows how many moms and dads come to this video to find out how to use the Vicks vaporizer and end up finding the greatest gift there is, Jesus Christ our Lord and savior! Bless you, sister.

Irina Taylor says:

Thanks so much about the tip to add salt. Thought it doesn't work! Great!

Charles says:

I just want to know if it is a necessity to add the pads. Does it still produce good vapor without them ? I sleep in the basement so when I wake up in the morning my throat is irritating and it could last all day. It's been the case for 5 years. It can happen on summer and winter for me. Maybe its to dry on winter and to moist on summer ? Or the reverse …
Thank you I'll try it today.

Stephanie Aguilar says:

where did you buy the liquid

N Frost says:

Thanks for the video- I was just going to drop the Vick’s pad in the water! 😂😂😂

leon arom says:

thanks for the imfo really help me

SJRogers says:

Do you use tap water? Or…?

Leslie Rodriguez says:

i just drug ours out and forgot it. thanks to this i got it going

Nikki H says:

Does it have a off and on switch? I bought this for my son as well and I’m not sure if it has a on and off switch or just unplug it. Also how long can it be turned on for before you have to turn it off?

Deshon Husband says:

Vapo pads are expensive and dont work at all!

Smooth JazzExcursion says:

this was money well spent, my nose really appreciates it

marcogram says:

Be sure to check your water. I was so aggravated at mine because it put out VERY little steam. It took more than a pinch of salt but once I added enough it really works well.

Marvi Marv says:

Awesome Review.  Seems as if I gotta add some salt.

Olivia Melloway says:

Does anybody else's get really hot to the touch?

Gina Dunson says:

Just bought one today, I know this was posted a year ago but it it normal for the outside to get hot? I’ve never used one before

Crystal Warren says:

The liquid goes in the top little "bowl" part.

Alexande'ria Rice says:

Thank you. Now i know were everything goes.

Puzzledtraveller says:

Good guide and review, quite useful.

Brian A says:

$15?! $65 for mine in Aus 🙁

Robert Clauber says:

it is great i have it forever !

Jennifer L says:

I just purchased this vaporizer. I was reading h the instructions and it said something about turning the steam down or off. But I don't see a way of adjusting it.

Superjuan Salas says:

i have the same one. but mine doesnt really steam and you cant smell the vapo liquid and i have been adding a pinch of salt but the instructions say not to use salt all the time.

Andrea Cabrera says:


Justr ouble says:

Where do add the salt

Erin Wadsworth says:

the vapo pads are my favorite

David Jones says:

Question Amy and I bought the same same one 15 dollars from Walmart and no steam what are we doing wrong

La Toya L says:

Super helpful! Had no idea where I was supposed to put the little Vapo pads haha. Thanks!

Ebony Villa says:

can you put the Inhalant and vapo pads at the same time??

Binbrook Admin says:

This is a horrible product. We woke up in the middle of the night to a burning plastic smell. The unit still had water in the reservoir and was very hot. This product is a fire hazard.

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