Review on Vicks warm steam vaporizer

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Rachna Devi says:

Mine is brand new but steam is really less as urs shown in video

LettyLovesYou1990 says:

Omg!! Thank you posting this video! We got one today and couldn’t get it to work until after watching your video ♥️♥️♥️♥️

sat. pal satoo says:

Its works very slow🙄🙄🙄

Joey S says:

U can put vapo liquid in top like you were ,on top it says place liquid here on blue. But in water just be careful. As it has alcohol in it and will cause a boil if to much is put in.. but glad it works I baught 4 lol. And allergy's are gone and haven't been coughing

Zulima Tristancho says:

This review sucks

Lizbeth Cancel says:

Which type of salt? Sea salt or regular salt?

ralph flores says:

Thank you for this review really helped

daidai907 says:

wow… watching this video.. i was doing it wrong too. facepalm

Orquidea Pineda says:

can water be used

Ezequias Garcia says:

If the steam does not start after 10 minutes add 1/2 tablespoon of salt.

Español: si el vapor no comienza después de 10 minutos agregar 1/2 cucharada de sal en el agua.

Rosalinda E says:

Thank you very helpful

Kat trio says:

Do you need to use the oil/tabs? Does it work even though there is no oil/tabs?

Julie McFarlane says:

thanks for telling me so I can know and this is for jorville

Addie Reyes says:

mine is not working i put salt in it but still the same. what should i do?

Leonardo Medrano says:

it happens to me alot

Leonardo Medrano says:

it works great when you put the liquid in water but it also burns the engine or motor inside

D.couture life says:

Mine is brand new it won't vapor strong like that u barely see it I tried everything salt nothing works

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