Review: SOURCE nail Portable eNail / Dab Rig

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SOURCEnail review page:

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great fuckin review man

Phil Theebauls says:

Have you reviewed the cloudv mini? And can you use crumble on this?

Chucca Cloud says:

Nice portable nail

Adam Goldenberg says:

Love the reviews

Leslie Clement says:

I always count on the Vape Critic to give a fair and detailed review.

Ned Denver says:


tgt tov says:

Cant wait to grt mine

Brandon Mackay says:

Love this thing

TrejoAd1 says:

That shot of dropping the carb cap had anger and disapointment all over his face

710jr95g says:

2pc glass is a really good upgrade for easy cleaning

wildlaser says:

A good all around solution

conformist0 says:

DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE!!!! Please save yourself the hassle these things are poor quality and die fast. They say sold out on the website currently, probably from having to fill replacement orders. Atomizers are cheap with a short life span, that is if the battery just doesn't fail first. I have been through two and both have failed within a week. BEWARE SHOP ELSEWHERE!!!!
EDIT: They have redesigned this product and it now works much better.

arturo garibay says:

15 watts max?

Elaine Sevillano says:

Great review. This dude needs to get paid!!!!

Carrot Top says:

What can you do when the battery loses charge over time.. are the batteries replaceable?

mongtard45 says:

Have you seen the G9 enail?

Sean Herris says:

What is that between the mod and atomizer. Its extending the neck of the heat source. That's new.does it come with that? How did you get that?

Phuck Hugh says:

Great review. I'm excited about the future as the Davinci IQ and Pax 3 should be out soon. You have the best vape reviews!

Steve McKinnon says:

More videos man, where have you been! Always a pleasure.

JustSomeGuy says:

Im still here vapin along to your videos. I noticed this one seems really fast paced, especially the beginning i cant listen to what youre saying and take in all that info at the same time. Maybe im just stoned. That being said the melt shot at 2:33 had me drooling 😀
Ideal video in my opinion would just be you talking about the thing for however long you need, like a Nutnfancy "Tabletop review" uncut (for the most part) include the dropping of parts, and all that shit.

MrJimodoom says:

One of the few times I have the device before I see the review.. already knew I'd made the correct choice! I just use a normal metal tool with the nail and the glass thing only as a lid.

chillmood18 says:

Does it hit as hard as an actual rig?

Ryan says:

Gotta tell you, Mr. Vape Critic, your videos are great!

Fluen2it says:

Would you buy this or the Dr. Dabber Boost?

Dell Snooze says:

Oh, thought you already made a video about this product.

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