Review: The Davinci ‘Ascent’ Portable Vaporizer – In Use/Demo & Unboxing Part 1

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Finally, Part 1 of VapeLife’s review of the Davinci Ascent portable dry herb/oil Vaporizer. Sleek, stylish, sexy & NEW. Preview the Ascent in an unboxing, hands on review & demonstration. Use code ‘iambackvlb’ to enjoy a 11% DISCOUNT! Buy a Davinci Ascent from The VapeLife Store!: – Also, make sure to visit: & for toys ~VapeLife Baby!

Renee Sherer says:

I got mine from the person i get my flowers & oil from. May be older model, may not…how to tell????? 1st time used I turned it past 400..burned, smoked…then read some info and use it around 360-375 degree tops. Nice, mellow buzz, takes away pain PLUS do not see smoke anymore. My ? is this….after I've used why doesn't the weed appear burned at all? I know its been used because hubby & I are pain free and buzzed nicely. Answer plz.

dudefromtherock says:

The initial silicon smell will disappear after 2-3 uses. Heat up empty 2-3 times. Also the slight opening between the glass tubes has been solved in the 2nd generation. Complaints none! I've had many hand held vapes and this one rocks, this review is invalid as of 2016.

brennan eaton says:

Dude u need to let it burn for 2 hrs before u use it lol thats why u tasted rubber and do not use the oil jar with the lid… DERP

Lindsay Fitzpatrick says:

I like the Davinci accent a lot. I cant say that about their shotty customer service. I also ended up getting a Crafty by S&B which the accent rivals in function, but where Davinci totally drops the ball is with their customer service… after dealing with both I vote Crafty by S&B hands down. You will thank me… my unit was back in ten days and was branspankin new! Its been over a month with davinci and they told me I was rude for not understanding they are short staffed and its too busy to keep up. Maybe I fell into a crack somewhere, but I just felt like I was forgotten about… no follow up emails or calls. Just the same line, "Were just super busy and short staffed so it should go out soon?"

col scott says:

Da Vinci ascent best portable vapourizer of all time

Chris Turner says:

Im prettty sure Herb starts to combust around 380 degrees farenheit and im not sure why that all go past 400

ShuckMeOff1 says:

Question I've seen lots of reviews on this and every time I see someone using it from 375 to 400 degrees they get good vapor production but with me I'll see vapor on my first hit then almost nothing for the rest of my session is there something I'm not doing right I pack my bowl to full and tight and my herb is finely grinned

Giacomo d'apollonio says:


Yaakov Ross says:

You are supposed to run the unit on max temp for 20 min before you use it to get rid of residual smell or oil from manufacturing

A B says:

Why does cloud thickness matter?

Daniel De Massari says:

before your eyes hahaahahaahhaahahah

VapeLife Will says:

Watch the definitive Review of the Davinci Ascent Vaporizer! Buy & Purchase Links in the description The VapeLife Store Vaporizer Super Store! Review: The Davinci 'Ascent' Portable Vaporizer – In Use/Demo & Unboxing Part 1

Johny Appleseed says:

I Don't mind my shoes or appliances are made in china but when it is something I consume either through smoking, eating, or drinking who wants to take a chance on a chinese made product? They have lead in their baby formula and when parents of affected children try to form a support group the chinese government throws them in jail. They make lead toys that poison American children and they basically use slave labor; I am sure their factory that makes these are not responsible, liable, or held accountable if the manager decided to "cut corners" on materials. VaporLife Will find me an all glass pathway that was built in the USA (or Europe) or a all ceramic one (trying to avoid aluminum), and I will shell out extra money for the peace of mind. 

Johny Appleseed says:

Made in China! 

Melissa Archibald says:

I just bought the Da Vinci Ascent and I love it, I have used several models I did not like the epens at all although this was a little higher than what I wanted to spend it is well worth the price.

Marky Mark says:

This is the old version. they made the mouthpiece airtight along with other improvements in the newer model

H2O2 says:

dude, u didn't even hold the vapor in…

taprackbang88 says:

was yours getting really hot to the touch on the bottom? Also, what temp do you recommend to get ideal flavor?

Matt Beck says:

How long until the silicone taste goes away?

AfroAngloFrenchie Chick says:

Your lips …:o xxx You're cute

Darin Schell says:

So what's the best portable vape on the market? do a video

AT Hypebeastbenn says:

IMO. If you want a thick cloud Of smoke, smoke the traditional way. I've smoked the 500+ volcano smoke was barley visible but I sure was flyin.

douglasparra22 says:

what up dude great reviw im looking to buy a new vape. what is hans down the best portabel vape

snapplecap says:

is it better than the original davinci?

Eye See All says:

You would set it at 420. Hahaha

Corkoth55 says:

$250 ouchhh

Link Zeppeloyd says:

yep, the glass attachment is shitty, you inhale a mixture of thc and air … and the pressure in the weed chamber might become low for that reason
but overall its a geeky little thing

Killzorg1 says:

It probably gives you a silicon taste due to the glass on glass, and extra air from inside the ascent's inside materials, which also probably gave it a whistle noise. A simple solution you could try is wrapping aluminum foil around the part where glass is open on the inner tube, which could get annoying because you may have to replace it every now & then.(not sure because thanks to this review, I plan to invest in this portable vape in the near future) Great review !

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