Review: The Davinci Portable Vaporizer – In Use

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Could this be the Pax killer? Offering many of the same features, I do my best 2 give as much info as possible. Decide yourself.. Pick up a Davinci for a great price on Ebay: Other great vapes at ~

Channa Miriam Knuckey says:

what's "The AVP"?

Franken Peter says:

LOL i remember this video. You know what? This thing was actually pretty damn good. I've gone through a few flowermates, pulsars, Max Pros, and still i dont get the flavor out of those that i got off this old fuckin thing. The POS stopped charging long ago which forced me to buy a new one. I know there are really good ones out there but nah i aint payin a damn car payment to get stoned!

tree woman says:

great tip about the air flow from lid

hambone chops says:

got one 2 yr ago excellent

Юлия Апаева says:

Does it feels like vape devices or oldstyle jamming? =)

Mark R says:

Gifted this to myself after 6 months of drug testing. Hope it comes soon. It's replacing my g pen slim and my g pen always combusted my herbs. I have high hopes for this vaporizer.

Paul Miller says:

only have had bad experiences with davinci chargers ,the thin wires always crack and expose the wires and seem to short out .with my new one am going to use liguid electricle tape to try to give it support at their ends.

Sungodv says:

Every review I've watched from you, you mostly really like the device.  I'm still searching for a single use vape.  Got my Q, but I'm still soichin'.

money491 says:

Hy, does it smell?

Uber Malts says:

What are oiyoos? Stoner kneegrow lol

Big City Herbal Reviews says:

hey bro would you recommend putting the bud in before u heat or after u heat

Franken Peter says:

Have used this for 6 months and have also used many other vaporizers also. This is still my go -to everyday. Now i dont have this exact model. I have the 2.0 with the magnetic flip out piece and not the button one like in the video. I never have to worry abou combustion with this model and that is my most important feature in a vape. THe oil vape on this is garbage though. I do nothing but flower in this. 

Noah Lach says:

Haha how ripped were you filming this? 

Eleman says:

inserts ? how long efects?

Elliot Chapo says:

I appreciate that this guy has been very critical about the Da Vinci, but it seriously is a amazing portable vaporizer

Llambo says:

hey!  good advice about covering the air space, now mine works much better.
and you can check in the screen how the temp drops lower (than without covering) when you inhale.

Did yours have a pop-corn flavor when new?  will it fade out and disappear with the use?

Herson Avalos says:

What's with the lighter lol

joshua baza says:

oh ya thanks man i found the perfect temp

joshua baza says:

whats the best temp to vape the sativa herbs at because i vape at 345f but it works good sometimes and sometimes it doesnt please help

Carlos Morcillo says:

having my first da vinci session now (";)

Sam McFarlane says:

Just wondering if your davinci is still going strong? I've heard stories from people who said that theirs gave out in a month or two 

Franken Peter says:

$108 on ebay. 

PierroEpicDuty says:

Great video. But do you think I can use solid hash in there? If so which way would you use it?

Eyedeal says:

Try the Firefly real pax killer!!!!!

Jerry Thorn says:

Interesting points.I have one and find it effective, only problem is the grills.I enjoy the da Vinci very very much, well worth the money. cheers

VapeLife Will says:

Thanks for watching everyone and happy Holidays! Don't forget to watch the new videos as they are more up-to-date. Merry Christmas!

Marek Dvořáček says:

glassy from cigar-store:)

Marek Dvořáček says:

I have problem with DaVinci, display is twinkleing and vape not work…Its mi second reclamation and with no response from daVinci team so far…

EdRuMmEr7 says:

so out of all of the portable vapes you own, what is the one you use the most?

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