Ridiculous *DAB FAIL*

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I know this is rough to watch but leave a like anyways. That Pulse bubbler was one of my favorites. Should I buy a new one? strawpoll.me/5262577

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I’m a Medical Marijuana patient in the State of Colorado.
Thank you for your compassion.

Marcy RP says:

OMG…. that'll sober someone up fast! What a way to ruin a high, huh? Live and learn though… Anyone who sees this won't make the same mistake, so thanks for sharing!

xTR4GiiK says:


Nicholas Torres says:

bro my heart dropped

Xamf11 says:

Shiiiit that was soooo fucking sad.

Dillon McReynolds says:

OMG dude noooo xD I saw it and was like. that's so unstable xD

Diabolic Ernie says:

I cried man

R3ider says:

Melt the pieces down and have TAG make you a bong

Brad Strickland says:

Damn man just like a car crash… That video hurt me. +1 for all those brave ashcatchers.

Marcos Alonso says:

Like a knife in the eye. Jeez.

CallumRichards151 says:

i saw this on a dab fail compilation and i cringed so hard for you

Square Roots says:

very very sad day 🙁 thus why i just stick with my natural jet perc and swiss attatchment, amazing flow!

Tupac Shakur says:


Anelly Iniguez says:

Lol whyyyyyyy?what made you think this would work?

BruceWilikers says:

At least ur green tag ash catcher lived for his brothers

Tyler says:

I always laugh my ass off when i see this video stoned

One Minute Weed Videos says:

oh god its so tense when you know whats going to happen and your just watching this vid waiting for it

Donny says:

Newest video sent me here!

TheReynaldo786 says:

Damn wast not my rig and I was crying inside

geigoggsaaiko says:

ive bin coming back to this epic footage countless times.. it just fucking makes me feel better everytime i see it

geigoggsaaiko says:

ive bin coming back to this epic footage countless times.. it just fucking makes me feel better everytime i see it

rwr233b says:

So sorry bro.

Angel Villanueva says:

i want a very high quality spoon pipe, anyone know a great website for high quality glass?

john lewis says:

hand to forehead

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