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Wassup sticks, it’s fogwoods. Today I wanted to get another video up so I figured I’d get this review up. Loving the device and the best airflow of any pod mod I’ve ever owned. Anyways guys, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment what we should do next. Peace.

If anyone wants to get ahold of us contact us [email protected]

Instagram: Fogwoods_
Snapchat: daniels7777

Big shoutout to vapegodshop for hooking me up with this device. You guys should definitely go check out their products and take advantage of the coupon code fogwoods for 10% off.
Link to website:

DJ Benton says:

The pods are 1ml according to their website

Samer Hamed says:

How many refills for each pod before it's burnt?

Arif Sami says:

What's your favorite pod device?

Dylan Fogwoods says:

Love the vid keep it up bro

Emilio B says:

have you ever tried to take a break form nic? I feel like im addicted and wanna try and take a break but i feel like its gonna be so hard.

t rex says:

stick gang 🔥💥

No Homodipper says:

Love the vids

Lego Dudeee says:

I think you should do the review and the unboxing in one video. It’s kinda annoying to wait.

Anthony Cardenas says:

Let's goooo almost to 5k

Tobius Strong says:

How long do your suorin air pods usually last ?

Mike OxBig says:

Noti squad 👌👌

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