Sapphire: Best Value Dry Herb Vaporizer

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The new Sapphire STORMED our Best New Portable Vaporizers for 2019 because it’s a beast of a vape, at an astonishing price. I put it through its paces, from dry herb, to concentrates, to use with a water tool. You won’t believe the clouds this mini MONSTER delivers!

Andy Leather says:

Been looking around for hours now at reviews and videos for all different cheap vaporisers as I've never used one I certainly don't want to spend a fortune, but my lungs are begging me to stop smoking……so, based on this video and your comments and reactions, I'm going to purchase this and hope it does the job, if it doesn't, I'll be coming for you haha.

Also as a side note, this is quite a good video, other than the mic being covered now and again, which is a simple mistake, nothing more. You're quite natural in your delivery and not cringey to watch like most. I think you should have more subscribers and viewers.

Bonby Bonbys says:

Compared to starry v2 ?

azagedon says:

Detailed review, plus doggos is a win 👍

🦇Jo🦇 says:

What is this like compared to the xmax starry? They look very similar. It looks like a great vape and in my price range too. Whoever has the camera keeps covering up the microphone, gotta watch out for that 😆

Elizabeth Glassner says:

I can't find anywhere! Where can I buy in USA?
I listened to you on splinter! Thanks.

RawClassicinc Uk says:

when's the starry glass mouthpiece out? 😮

Vapletrichs Gne says:

These little things are so good compared to the old days of portables. Almost perfect avb results.

Vapletrichs Gne says:

Does this have the same heater as the starry v2?

Blank Steve says:

Miles has an amazing sense of timing with the yawning. Dang dawgs : )

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