Smallest Good Action camera: Firefly Micro 2? Review, Test and Footage | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Smallest Good Action camera: Firefly Micro 2? Review, Test and Footage

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Usually when there’s a new device from Firefly – the expectations are high – because the Firefly 8S was among the best action cameras of 2017 and is still competitive a couple of years after that.
I will start with the most essential – it is very lightweight! 31 grams only! This is more than twice less than most lighter action cameras.
Arriving in a small – I’d say – not really spectacular box, we will find the camera inside, with a bracket, ties, silicon protective case, control joystick and charger/video cable. This kind of setup is pretty interesting – and kind of exciting – and if you are looking for something that is very simple to fine-tune – saying it upfront – the Micro 2 ain’t it.
In terms of hardware, here’s what the firefly Micro 2 has to offer – a good chipset supporting up to 2.5k at 30 fps, and FullHD at 60FPS.160-degree field of view lens with f/2.8 aperture, and embedded 600mah battery which should give you around 1 hour of recording.
Micro 2 is also classified as water resistant – which is not entirely right – it is splash-proof, and seems to be IPX4 certified, which is of course way below the IPx68 that most current smartphones can handle – so if your drone accidentally dives into water and stays there for more than a few seconds, there is a great chance that the camera equipment will also suffer.
However, using the silicon case provided in the pack you can significantly decrease the water impact, and potentially increase the survival chances being temporarily placed underwater.
The main cable (also used for charging) is meant to connect to a monitor or TV, and is analog video output. Connect the control board – and here we are – getting access to the menus. Choices for the main shooting resolution, color modes, fine tuning the sharpness – it is quite great to see so many features and options being supported. Both PAL and NTSC are supported, and it is amazing how many picture-tuning options are added to this little device. Truth is – that perhaps most of these – except the drone and FPV related – you will likely never need, but still – it is admirable.
Due to the lightweight construction, it is quite hard to attach it to a gimbal. The best solution I managed to come up with – to get it on top of another action camera in order to satisfy the minimum weight requirement.
I promised you a few more use cases – and – besides super-smooth gimbal-attached footage – drones, which are the primary goal.
Having used mostly the standard white balance and sharpness settings, as well as the default color gamma – may I ask you for your opinion – how do you find the video quality out of this 50-dollar camera? Do you think it is comparable with much more expensive solutions? Keep in mind that the firefly micro 2 is meant to compete with Gopro Hero session, runcam – both of which are primarily used with drones, so when rating the video quality, we should not forget that a big slice of the development and manufacture costs have gone in direction drone community compliance. And it would be great to see what you think of it.

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PBC says:

kaMepa 3ae6ucb!!! )

dirkzelf says:

Great video quality, during DAYLIGHT….. Did you run the camera in your car at night @30 or 60fps? On you request for dashcam use, for night recording I'd rather use 30fps maximum, never 60fps for sure, or use a Mobius Mini (A-lens, F1.8 aperture @ 30fps), Mobius 1 for a few tenners more.

Learn Arabic says:

Does it support external mic?

Drone Mania says:

Best user manual video online thank you for this

Richart Asia says:

mine arrived yet to test it out…

iviaviator says:

Please report the real parameters of the photo that this camera takes.
And if you have the opportunity, give a link to the site with photos.

TeeNnGee TeeNnGee says:

Nice review again.

Tired OlFolk says:

Nice review! The non-starter for me is that it has no stabilization at this price point. The color seems comparable to drones in the $ 2-300.00 range. Thanks again Michael!!

sRiNiVaS bEnGaLuRu says:

Please subscribe

24 tahun yang lalu says:

you should to have much subcribers dude 😁😁

Ireland Eye says:

World No1 technology channel

Ib Erik Söderblom says:

I love the size and weight, but an action cam without image stabilization ?
If wrapping the silicone wrapping…, it could maybe be made enough waterproof for kayaking/canoeing (?).
The charging cable is just stupid.

hawkeye firefly action cameras says:

You can find camera on Amazon Europe as well

Hawkeye Firefly Official says:

Nice red motorcycle 😬😬😬

Paweł Kozinski says:

Enjoing your acent

Scarboro Sasquatch Station says:

Tech4All : Hello Michael ! Great review on the Hawkeye Firefly Micro 2 – 2.5K FPV Action Camera – Weighing only 31 grams + Silicone Case 8 grams + Plastic Holder 10 grams = For a total weight of 48 grams which is perfect for Drones , without placing any unnecessary drain on the drones battery due to weight issues ! The video footage was good without too much colour saturation , especially when in comparison to the GoPro Hero 7 ! The resolutions supported on the Firefly Micro 2 – with 2.5 K /30 F.P.S. -1080P 60/30 F.P.S. – 720P / 60 F.P.S. , AV supported PAL/NTSC , Micro SD Card supported Class 10 ( 8-64GB ) , Battery 600mAh -Working Time 60 minutes – Voltage 5 Volts – Current 400mA – Charging Time 2-3 Hours , File Format MOV , Lens F2.8 – 6 Glasses , Angle : Diagonal 160 Degrees ! The Low Latency Video Output is only 40 -50ms @ 1080P/ 60 F.P.S. with 2 IO Triggers to capture video/photo ( Note : Active Low 100ms ) , The IPX 4 Rating is only good for temporary water splash resistance , and the warranty is unknown at this time ! Currently available @ Bang for $66.93 CA Dollars ( 18% Off Promotion sale May 15 – May 24 ) This is a very good price for The Hawkeye Firefly Micro 2 -2.5K FPV and can be used for taking Time-Lapse Video , Photos , Selfie Shots while primarily used as a FPV it may also be used as an Action Camera , Dash Camera or DV ! Thanks Scarboro / Tom

Beach Guy says:

Great product for the money. However, if you have the money, go with Osmo Action.

Toronto RC says:

Great review as usual!! 👍🏼

dimitrimoonlight says:

It's very sharp footages! Can't believe it's FHD.

H1BK says:

Such as Hidden Cam…

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