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Ashley Wierzba says:

Move to Colorado!

alicia winter says:

I love these two. Like I wish we were power couple friends.

Adair Macias says:

Love the we bare bears shirt

Rhooonieee says:

I want to live in your happy home

Michelle K says:

damn that's crazy. I wish she was my smoking partner

88Heartandsoul says:

@hayley420 for next video pls some actual hash

Skingrad says:

all of your shit has to be demonitized

Danny Miguel says:

you're always high

eNVymyclosetGrow says:

You're so damn cute. Keep it coming.

xxx. daniel says:

4:59 felt gooood😭

Grant Martin says:

I wish it would hurry up and legalise in Australia. I'm so jealous

NigaTeno says:

Gram up used to be the shit

rominaschgeillooo says:

jesus fucking christ get yourself some oxygen between those inhales 😀

Hunter Cucchiaro says:

I remember when I had kryptonite. It fucked me up so bad. Me and my friends had smoked so much the night before that the next morning I couldn't get up from my bed for almost 2 hours. My mom almsot had to call the ambulance it was so bad. But damn that's one huge bag to smoke in haha. I bet you were so baked after that.

Erin Fischer says:

This would be great for parties

Carbon Reed says:

You can smoke hash in it. But hash only. Nothing that will melt Haley or you will ruin your volcano. No full melt bubble no wax just rock hash like the good old days

Maurice Boden says:

this in a bong 😏😂💪🏻

Natasha louise420 says:

I wish you could come to the uk and get high with me I love your videos xxxx

Lori Ruyle says:

You Rock!✌💟

I need money says:

yo want marry me 😀


I wish she said how she knows it's been a while since she did a video but I guess she didn't. I want you to do more videos. I know YouTube is down. But I really like you!

travis allen says:

I know she lives around me cause she goes to florin wellness. I hope to meet her January 1st

Ernestas Beresna says:

U Always put a smile on my face Haley.Keep up the good work. Shou out to Californiaaalol:)

alberto saucedo says:

Post more often! Lol

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