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This video is intended for legal cannabis patients & adults.
Legal Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Patient.

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Ailsa Fleming says:

that pool of water also looked like a thunderegg

Lee Mchugh says:

How much is the vape pen

Ashley Maynard says:

Love you Sasha ❀️❀️❀️ that little frozen pond totally looks like a geode! I have always been too sketched out to walk alone in the woods like that, but it was really beautiful! πŸŒ³πŸ’•

Thomas Firman says:

damn dude you looked real glammed up in the into!!

Smoker X says:

oh no! say it aint so! sasha is telling dad jokes now!! (/_) lol

Bill Taylor says:

Fun ! Hippie Girl… πŸ™‚

uk ToKeR says:

I swear this girl just gets more and more beautiful looking. Everything about her is amazing. Love u silenced hippie.

Zach says:

What happens when she reaches 420k subscribers.

Michael Perszon says:

Does vaping get you high as smoking? If not do you know why? Loved this nature sesh! Inspired me to go walking in the hills around my place

Alli Bee says:

Purple Sticky Punch is on my list of strains to try! I never see it in my area, and I can't seem to find it on Leafly πŸ™ Maybe it's an east coast strain. Also that vaporizer looks doooope. Love the extra compartment. πŸ™‚

Lynneya123 says:

I want to get a good herb vaporizer, but am also on a budget. Any thoughts where I should start? There are so many options that I can't figure out what to choose.
Also, your hair is looking fabulous!

vonnie trujillo says:

does it still smell like bud when you use a vape ?

Courtnay S. says:

Totally looks like a geode! lol. xD

Emma Meadows says:

barely 1 second in and SASHA!!! you look so beautiful!!! love that colour turtleneck and the hair!!! 😍 matches my bong and my smokebuddy hahah

Nope No says:

Your hair!!

logan shepherd says:

This is the only channel I genuinely want to help support. Like you should think about like shirts or merchandise. Maybe a patreon. I think you're great keep doing what you're doing. You brighten my day every live stream and video thank you @SilencedHippie

Keith James says:

Always great spending time with ya and waiting on the next video,

Too slumpt says:

Love your hair πŸ’ž

k metra says:

The link doesn’t allow me to buy it, how am I supposed to purchase this product?

Heyits Stephanie says:

How much is it i tried going clicking on it to see the prices but it goes to support?

Adrienne Boulet says:

Having to pee right after peeing has to be a stoner thing my girlfriend and I always make fun of each other for it.

fastballnerd98 says:

Where can you purchase the Cirro?

dulcita253 says:

Would love to see the video about the concentrate piece.

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