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Good morning,may you all have a blessed day!

Johnson Robins says:

I could barely hear you buddy

foxdemonshippo says:

why vape it when ur taking bong rips with it u dont know which one got you

punchyloc1 green says:

Cheers my guy stay smoking and stay loaded up

Sick Twisted says:

Happy Thanksgiving bro!

Brian Compton says:

Audio isn't good

Alfie Boyd says:

What happend to the quality and the lighting

Bosey 1 says:

Vids are dope bro keep up the good work.!

havixnova gaming says:

love the vids

Keenen420 says:

That vape dope😤

Daniel Sneed says:

Had to take a break from work to watch the video thanks for the video jake

sketchy vlogs says:

1:05 That Weed Looks Soo Good..Nice video jake!

Point5 says:

Yoo yoo jake wass good.. more of that fire blaze 🔥🔥

Smokemanny420 says:

Hey jake nice vid ❤️keep it goin

brandon deknecht says:

Oh yeah, nice shit

Bradley tyler says:

Love it awesome vids jake

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