SOURCE nail – How To Use Tutorial – Portable eNail & Coil-Less Vape Pen

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Tutorial on How To Use your SOURCE nail Portable eNail and Vape Pen. It works as either an eRig or an on-the-go Vaporizer Pen for concentrates.

SOURCE nail is a patent-pending product developed Exclusively by SOURCEvapes and works with SOURCE orb 4 and SOURCE orb XL.

More info and FAQ at:

HBC423 says:

source atomizers are cross-compatable

Moreena Bello says:

doess this work for the orb 4 premium pen?

Sean McGough says:

Just tried some of these temps on my new setup, was too hot for me. Here's the temps I've initially settled on, would love to hear feedback from other low-temp, traditional style rig users switching to e-rig.

Ceramic : 16w-20w
Titanium : 12w-14w
Quartz : 8w-12w

Joe Tittiger says:

FWIW  don't deal with the company "Source Vapes"
what a bunch of clowns they have shown themselves to be, over and over again. YOU WERE WARNED!

These "reviewers" have not gone through the gauntlet of dealing with this company.

The Anonymous Vapor says:

the bubbler attachment works well…as for the globe…nah..

Alex Freezy says:

Can i soak the attomizer part as well? theres gunk down there and i want to fly on a plane with it. I asking becuase you show wiping it off rather soaking. But the coiled attomizers you soak. thanks ahead

AnarchistAaron says:

Looking forward to getting mine tomorrow, tasty tune too

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