Splinter dry herb vaporizer review by RBT (box mod attachment)

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Ryan from Rasta buddah tao continues to bring us more and more wooden vaporizers that everyone seems to be enjoying just check out the FuckCombustion.com community to see exactly what I mean. This vape is a powerhouse and most people would agree.

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Stay wavy my stonies

Wavy Vaporizers says:

Notification squad is here and lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 love my stonies

Colin Tipp says:

Love my splinter

Mee Mee says:

I just got one of these last night. Got cooling mouthpice which is kinda needed. And came with a mod box for £59!
I like the splinter. I'm still waiting on a tubo. Thinking about reviews on few vapes myself.

Martin Schmidt says:

Whats the difference between splinter and splinter z.? Im Not Sure if i want the splinter. The usage of epoxy glue should be safe etc but im Not Sure. How Do you compare it to a tubo evic in Taste, production of clouds ? Greetings 🙂

Rocco Schiavone says:

I used to be a heavy vaper with the Pax 2 and the Pulsar Flow but I been smoking a lot instead lately. Now when i vape it doesn't feel right because I'm used to smoking a spliffs and ripping a little bong all the time. So my question is do you smoke weed or are you a pure vapist at this point. Also if you do smoke… blunts? spliffs? bongs? Put me in the shoes.

Al says:

Yo Wavy, I was hitting my Splinter with you…

Jude Jude says:

Yo Wavy! U always making me wanna buy some more vapes! Bout to b broke cuz i need me one of dem hahah. On the real tho, keep them vids comin. U should try some live streaming.

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