StarLight Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer from Atman: Blazin’ Gear Review

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Welcome to Blazin’ Gear Reviews, today we are reviewing The StarLight Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer from Atman.

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Rick Martinez says:

What vape do you recommend for dry herb with the most clouds?

Jason Juarez says:

High key it hits better with out the screen !! A lot better

fC.ThePunisher says:

Great for the first week. Batteries started to fail. After 1 week of use, the battery went from being able to hold enough for 8 sessions at 500 degrees. Now I’m lucky if I can get half of that on one full charge. That’s a bad sign… Wrote to customer service. Their response, “Please charge the battery fully before use.” Seriously? You think your customers are that stupid? So far, I am extremely underwhelmed by both product and support from this company. I should’ve bought the well known brands. Spend more but it’s reliable.

Lou Cyphs says:

Filter inserted for dry herb or no ? By filter I'm speaking of the steel cup looking thing that resembles a thimble

Rusted Grizz says:

could you do one snoopdog 2.0

Donnnation TV says:

you should do a giveaway

hristaki99 says:

There's one thing nobody mentions when reviewing vaporizers…how high does it get you?

Happy Hippie says:

This looks like a nifty little thing! Matt, if you could only choose between the flowermate V5.0s, mini and this vaporiser which one would you pick?

Ruby Marijuana says:

Very nice video, thank you guy! Cheers! Ruby


no 370F, not cool 320 isn't enough and 410 is way too much

jeffxl12 says:

So for home use then? Do you still get as high without the cloud?

Matt Lombardi says:

looks like its worth checking out! I love that it goes high enough with the temp for wax. most of these convection devices fail with that.

David Hö says:

I'm so mthfckng high maaan…!

Bazooka Joe says:

I always wondered if you can put moon rocks in a vape

Stefan says:

Yet again another fucking amazing video.


I love your videos!! s

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