Stoney Pax Vape Sesh – THG | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Stoney Pax Vape Sesh – THG

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*** Intended for audiences 18+ ***
***We are legal Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patients***

John Osborne says:

These guys got too high before making the video…

Jaydon key says:

Dude on the right doesn’t look like he inhales

Perish says:


Jeff H says:

yoo mclovin!!

Ben says:

like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, ya, like.

NWgunzNbud says:

look at them obsolete dinosaur vaporizers lol

Landon Guillory says:

Fucking creeps

GAZ belfast says:

and now THG is no more. 🙁

Confuzzledism says:

i wanna start vaping for a couple of reasons
1) health, cardiovascular problems etc, cant fkn run anymore
2) taste
3) just heaps more easy it seems, instead of having to get up and have a bong etc, just do it on a bed hahah

so yeah anyways, any ideas for a first time vaporiser? my budget is a little low and im from australia
and does it stink up rooms that you're in?
also is the high the same
thanks guys subscirbed

¿notThe onlyOne? says:

Anybody else think the dude on the right look like the son off of Kickass?"

Zae Carter says:

While using the vape is there an obvious or slight smell of weed burning? or is it like the magic flight box.

Nicholas Weltler says:

To be honest I have never seen a worse video posted on YouTube and genuinely believe that this garbage doesn't deserve a spot on YouTube I hope your channel never does good

Donovan Gogarty says:

"…and I generally don't edit as much." cuts to next vid

carlos moran says:

Hey dudes, so I'm having a tough time choosing between the Pax 2 and the OG Pax. I'm willing to pay to the extra 80 bucks to get the pax 2 but I want to get an honest opinion about the pax 1. Because I really don't see much difference between the two! Please respond back and let me know what you think I should do!!! Thanks!!

rhianna ratley says:

is it just me or dose that guy look like mc lovin from superbad

Kristopher G says:

Alright I have now seen all your videos! I've been recovering from spine surgery so I've had some time and you guys have been like the homies to me. So just some suggestions. Remember Quality first. We can wait on vids if it means they're better. Rolling race was a cool idea! You guys are doing great. Stay Lifted. Stay true. One love!

Alexander Kiefer says:

about to buy my first pax when i get back from vacation dude cant wait. keep getting high guys 😀

Sean Cassidy says:

Dudes do you know a way to get a vape with out your parents knowing if your under 18 and your parents don't like you smoking

Peter Collins says:

editing definitely helps enhance the video. Just a Pro tip, if you don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of $ for these fancy softwares, straight up torrent them online for free. Just look it up on youtube, I use final cut pro x. Also, Your thumbnails are great for catching the attention, but I think you could attract a lot more viewers with a better, more precise and to-the-point titles. You should also add some tags, and put a bunch of words people would search up in your description related to weed. Trust me, it helps a lot on attracting more viewers. Keep it up though, you guys are growing fast!

Bonsai Bean says:

Vid length 4:15?  Come on man, just 5 more seconds!

Jesse Swain says:

You cant rush perfection guys. if it takes longer for you to make some real shit videos i sure most of us are willing to wait

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