The FIERCE is available HERE: The FIERCE is a mostly convection dry herb vaporizer from Healthy Rips. It’s based on the popular Fury 2, which was a very popular budget vape. The Fierce is [More]
► Hawkeye Firefly 2: 💵 Google Spreadsheet with updating coupons: ╔════╡My Gear╞═════════════════════╡ ║ ►Goggles – FatShark HDO – ║ ►RX Module – Furious True-D: ║ ►Radio – Taranis X9D: ║ [More]
Pax 3 is one of the latest portable dry herb & concentrate vaporizers to hit the market. In fact, we think it is one of the best ones available to date. Why? Here is what [More]
If you wanna skip : Intro/Outro = 1.00/20.00 Time Pax 3 Premium Flower Vape Unit. Unboxing and review. This is a non sponsored video, with the mere intent of sharing medically relevant information regarding medical [More]
Certified Pothead is an informative Marijuana show. The show is educational and entertaining. Check out the Official TwoBlunt Marley Show Website Follow the show on Facebook Follow TwoBlunt Marley on Instagram Follow [More]
SHHHHHH keep your voices down as Dan Hoff presents the ultimate wax adapter for small 510 thread batteries and concealers the HoneyStick Silencer. This application is an absolute monster compared to its size offering a [More] Plenty vaporizer is Storz & Bickel’s most affordable vaporizer showcasing the innovative German engineering. Uniquely designed, Plenty vaporizer offers users ease of use, reliability and safety. In this video, Michelle will acquaint us with [More]
TVape shows you the how to, maintenance & gives our review of the Firefly 2 Plus! If you wanna pick up the Firefly 2 Plus: Scope out the full range of videos, reviews, tutorials, [More]
Der MIGHTY von Storz & Bickel ist für die Verdampfung und anschließende Inhalation von Düften und Aromen aus Kräutern bestimmt. Um eine optimale Verdampfung zu gewährleisten, wird empfohlen den MIGHTY wie in diesem Video beschrieben [More]
ELEV8 Presents is for 18+ viewers only, and is in compliance with Colorado state laws. ————————————————— You know the brand, you know the name. How does the Mighty hold up? Watch this video and you’ll [More]