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We just received our brand new Arizer Air in the mail this morning. This is the first portable vaporizer that Arizer has released since the Solo (review here –, which is a hard unit [More]
Makes possible even more extreme extractions!
Arizer Air 2 ^^ Order the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer from the Link above and get a free grinder with purchase! ^^ Arizer Air 2 Portable Vaporizer Review Subscribe to our channel: This Video [More]
Liked it? Lemme know with the like button. Didn’t like it? Go ahead and hit dislike. Today we’re looking at a review of the Arizer Air with some aftermarket accessories. Arizer Air- Wooden Stems [More]
Today we reviewed the Arizer ARGO Vaporizer. . . We really enjoyed the performance of this vape. Made by Canadian vaporizer giants Arizer, the Arizer ArGo makes for a great purchase. . . Check out [More]
Is this the best vaporizer on the market? Watch the video to find out. [Buy Arizer Argo] ►
This is a very versatile and hearty unit. Feels solid and durable. The glass inserts however are very fragile and can be ordered from many vendors as replacements. Just don’t drop them 🙂 Opinions: This [More]
My old lady & I were discussing our new Arizer Solo vaporizer (model M107) and recorded this video for fun. If you are considering purchasing this wonderful vaporizer but needed more info about it or [More]
This is the video of the *newer* model. I also have a video of the *older* model ( The two differ mostly in how the temp sensor is set up. (This video is less shaky, [More]