This video is for 18 years or older audiences. Viewers discretion is advised. Wassup sticks, it’s fogwoods. Today I wanted to get another video up so I figured I’d get this review up. Loving the [More]
The Yocan evolve is the next generation of the trailblazer evolve, the evolve plus has a larger coil, dual quartz and ceramic donut technology, a larger battery and a silicone jar attached to the bottom [More]
Got my new Torchless Nail and I love it, as advertised this one is way easier to clean and use! I thought they needed a video cause I haven’t seen one yet… maybe they will [More]
Here it is my Mighty Vape Review – the best weed vape as of Feb 2018 use code PUFFEDUP: Out of all the weed vapes I own and have experienced, the Mighty is really [More]
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Ascent by DaVinci ( is the very first glass-on-glass portable vaporizer. Its vapor pathway is constructed entirely of glass. From the glass-lined ceramic heating chamber to the mouthpiece, all you’ll find is glass in the [More]
this thing is LIT you guys I’m telling you. it got me sooooo faded. TO GET YOUR OWN G9 TC PORT: JOYA SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @thejoyaride Twitter: @thejoyaride Snapchat: @joyyyyag Periscope: @joyyyyag WEBSITE: [More]
G PEN GIO: HIGH FRIENDS! Today we take HUGE HITS out of our new G Pen Gio vape pens. Working with their new Gio weed oil cartridges, these are the best wax vapes for [More]