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Da Buddha vaporizer / Lux Bubbler v3
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Pax 3 : DLX Bubbler: Hey there guys, it’s Namaste Kory back once again to bring you the most up to date and breaking vaporizer related news on YouTube. Today I really want [More]
Davinci IQ Bubbler DLX: Hey guys, Namaste Kory here and I’m back today having a look at the DaVinci IQ vaporizer and this time we will be looking at using it in conjunction with [More]
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Here is the amazing Herborizer from France. I’m using it with a Lux bubbler. Herb: White Fire OG from Coffeeshop Utopia, Amsterdam Music by Thesis (Australia), used with permission.
This nifty little adapter gives the Pax 2 a home in your favorite bubbler. Easily one of my favorite accessories for this vape. **Save 10% off your order at with coupon code VRB ** [More]