A short tutorial on cleaning the G Pen Pro’s mouthpiece. Enjoy and share with a friend.
Spent the morning getting high! Good time to clean my vape!
To Purchase Davinci Ascent Accessories and Cleaning Supplies Please Visit Or Store! www.vaporizerusa.net/accessories/accessories-davinci.html
Comprehensive Mouthpiece Cleaning 1) Push screen out of mouthpiece 2) Peel off silicon mouthpiece cover 3) Put all components in hot water or rubbing alcohol and let soak for 2-5 minutes 4) Let dry for [More]
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TVape shows you the best way to clean and maintain the DaVinci Ascent vaporizer. Read on to find out more! The DaVinci Ascent is a strong and capable portable vaporizer, with an all-glass vapor pathway [More]
Cleaning G Pen Elite and Mouthpiece Use brush tool to clean inside chamber, filter screen and mouthpiece connections. Available now at www.GPen.com Grenco Science is pleased to introduce the G Pen Elite Vaporizer for Ground [More]
In this video I clean both my Yocan NYX’s and show you why one flooded and how to prevent it from happening to you! Buy authentic NYX here: bit.ly/2oQIJ2b Facebook: www.facebook.com/STONEDay.today/
Cleaning the Storz & Bickel solid valve volcano.
TVape shows how to clean your wax pens and keep them at their best. Read on to learn more! Due to the sticky nature of concentrates, wax pens can easily become dirty and less appealing [More]