Enjoying wax, shatter and budder on the go sounds like a great idea, but a lot of handheld dab rigs aren’t worth the effort. The Torrch, powered by Green Tank Technologies, cuts out the mess [More]
SHOP XVAPE HERE: xvapeusa.com/product/xvape-aria/ SHOP HIGHRISE GEAR HERE: thehighriseco.com/ What’s up guys! Thanks for stopping by to check out this review. Our friends at Xvape sent us a dry herb and concentrate vape to test [More]
My second / follow-up review of the slick looking G Pen Nova Vaporizer Pen for concentrates and dry herb. Buy it here : shrsl.com/1m8q6 gpen.refr.cc/taucoin for a %15 off coupon store wide! I’ve only had [More]
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Introducing the Airis 8 concentrate pen. You can use as a nectar collector or as a coil vape.
Available now at GPen.com/NovaLXE Experience concentrate vaporization from a pen like never before with the G Pen Nova LXE. On the heels of its predecessor, the G Pen Nova, the Nova LXE upholds its commitment [More]
More Details welcome check here : www.dazzvape.com/vaporizer/melter/
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A review of the Airis Quaser concentrate vape pen by Airistech.
A sorta’ unboxing of the Yocan Loaded vape pen.