Nun leider ohne Kamaramann der Crafty für euch im Detail (Deshalb auch einen Tag später) – Ich hoffe ihr könnt euch so trotzdem eine Meinung zum Gerät bilden. Zum weiterlesen einfach unten auf “Mehr Anzeigen” [More]
It’s convection calamity when the Crafty goes up against the Firefly 2 with the return of the TVape Vaporizer Showdown! The Crafty and the Firefly 2 are a couple of the finest portable vaporizers available [More]
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Check out our review of the popular and highly rated Crafty portable vaporizer from Storz & Bickel (makers of the Volcano). VaporizerReview Rating: 9.8 -READ REVIEW: -BUY ONE HERE: Thanks for watching!
Video showcasing Storz & Bickel’s Crafty vaporizer. The Crafty is the first portable vaporizer to feature remote temperature control via an app (Android or iPhone). Available in Europe via VapoShop. Read more @
Join Vapor Rae in a session with the PAX2 and Crafty vaporizers. Get yours here: Two vapes at the same time = coughfest = vape love! Read Full Review Here:
¿Cuál es la mejor elección dependiendo de uso que quiera darle? El fabricante, no deja claro cuales son las diferencias en su campaña de marketing. Os damos las claves para facilitar la elección.
Buy Crafty Vaporizers At Rock Bottom Prices… Awwww yeah… it’s time for my Storz & Bickel Crafty vaporizer review! This portable vaporizer is actually one that I’ve been wanting to try for quite a [More] How to use the Crafty portable vaporizer is very easy and hassle free and you get to enjoy high quality vapor comparable to a desktop vaporizer in no time. In this video, Michelle will [More]
Mighty Vaporizer von Storz & Bickel bei Vaping Lee kaufen: Video zum Mighty: Crafty Vaporizer von Storz & Bickel bei Vaping Lee Kaufen: Video zum Crafty: beide Brüder bei Vaping Lee [More]