In this video I try using my E-Nail and dab using an Apple. It goes sorta okay. Make sure to subscribe for new videos every Tuesday! Please Like, Subscribe and comment! For Cannabis Consumers and [More]
18+older. We take some dabs out of our cloud v electro and the cloud v sidearm bubbler! This is the first time I have used these and they work way better than I expected. These [More] Get The Following Amazing Bundle And Start Dabbing Like An eBoss! 1 – V2 Stealth Black eBoss XL ™ Full Size 20mm XL eNail Kit 1 – Quartz eNail Banger 1 – Quartz Carb [More]
I made a SnowCap 🙂 It’s basically a ball of shatter that is encased in budder; topped with powdered THC-A. Oh yeah… it was toasty! **CHANNEL IS DESIGNED FOR MEDICAL CANNABIS AND REC TOKERS OF [More]
Matt Rize Ice Wax dabs on my Humboldt Enail