18+ I use cannabis for medical purposes
18+ Older. HIGH TEMP DABS VS LOW TEMP DABS!!! WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?!?! CHECK OUT THE OTHER PLAYLISTS ON THE CHANNEL!!! To see the 4TH episode of DAB N KICKS, click here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sLVwPNot9Q Music Produced by: [More]
Wax that tastes like fruit!!! Yup, you read correctly, I take 8 dabs in a row and they are tasty af dabs Plus my first time using the EZ Bake Ceramic E-Nail! I discuss: • [More]
Use code haley20 for 20% off anything www.nectarnail.com/ ** LEGAL CANNABIS PATIENT UNDER PROPOSITION 215 ** WRITE ME? – HaleyIsSoarx P.O. BOX #7006 FOLSOM,CA 95763 CONTACT EMAIL – [email protected] INSTAGRAM – instagram.com/h4ley20/ TWITTER – twitter.com/haley420/ [More]
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Another quick dab video. 2 in one night. Cheers everyone. I love this new setup. Please like, comment, subscribe and share. Way more videos coming. Thanks for watching and please stay tuned
This e-nail is honestly by far the best tool I’ve ever used like it. I want three of them. The consistency of the nail being attached directly to the quartz banger made for some of [More]
Just thought I’d upload a quick video showing you guys my new dab rig by Nes Glass and new enail from OzEnail