In this episode we sit down and have a conversation about the Arizer Extreme Q balloon and whip vaporizer. The other whip style vaporizer that we referred to in the video is the HotBox vaporizer. [More]
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Arizer High Airflow Universal Adapter ?? – ?? – @Sneaky Pete Vaporizers Says: The Arizer High Airflow 3-in-1 adapter features one single large diameter hole in the vapour path protecting your herb with [More]
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If you live in Asia and would like to buy a Ploom Pax, please visit This is a tutorial for how to use the PAX with dual screens. Wielding dual screens allows you to [More]
Ghost MV1 3-In-1 Water Pipe Adapter ?? – ?? –
I’m toying around with my camera and enjoying the Arizer Air at the same time. Check out that cloud production. Subscribe for more. Vaporizer: Arizer Air Buy: Disagree with something? Agree with everything? Have [More]
I start off by introducing myself, the technoHippie, and give some initial thoughts and tips, followed by a quick demo. Short impression of YEM by Rythm from my friends at The Clinic Mundelein. Then the [More]
So while shooting for my full review, coming soon, I did something special and shot a full session with the kief sandwich. Took almost 20 minutes to finish it off, without a single issue the [More]