Hey pals! This e-nail is HOT! I bought this PULSAR Elite Series Mini eNail from the MILE HIGH Glass Store in Boulder Colorado and I wanted to share my first impression of this product! Please [More]
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Produto comprado na loja VapoKings: www.vapokings.com.br
Experience pure vaping delight with the Pulsar Elite Series Pro Portable eNail Vaporizer! Built for herb, wax, and oil! The cordless, rechargeable feature allows you to take the fun with you. For more information click [More]
Comprehensive Mouthpiece Cleaning 1) Push screen out of mouthpiece 2) Peel off silicon mouthpiece cover 3) Put all components in hot water or rubbing alcohol and let soak for 2-5 minutes 4) Let dry for [More]
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TVape shows how to use the G-Pen Elite and get the best performance from this versatile vaporizer. Read on to learn more! The G-Pen Elite is an ultra-portable herbal vaporizer with precise temperature control and [More]
G Pen Elite no Brasil com desconto use o código: goo.gl/XwiMNr ( cupom de desconto: VaporBarato ) ou goo.gl/PDWyXn (cupom de desconto: Vape5 ) G Pen Elite direto do fabricante (EUA, UE): goo.gl/ku9Brb Facebook: www.facebook.com/vaporbaratovideos
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