GET THE BOLT M! – WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH as I take shatter dabs and review the best enail set up I’ve ever had, the DABADO BOLT M!!! If [More]
*I have a low temp dab bias* I would like to know which temp dab you prefer & why. DROP THAT TEMP LOW DROP IT LOW DROP IT LOW ———————————————————————————- Advertiser-friendly content guidelines: In this [More]
Low temp dabs with my new mini Humboldt Enail & a Highly Educated Infiniti nail on my Hitman white label hammerhead to turbine perc tube
I dab some bubble and vape some good good cooks!
Doing the last couple dabs of the fire og outta my karma scene stemline with my perfect temp enail hooked up to it. Also shoutout to dabbing916 Thanks for Watching! Don’t Forget to Rate, Comment [More]
18+older. Thank you to Enailuk for sending me this sick looking unit! We start with a bowl of deadhead og from Bubblemodes loaded into one of my first silver fumed pipes. After a couple tokes [More]
18+ I use cannabis for medical purposes