EVER | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review
Visit our Website: bit.ly/ZAMNESIA The original Volcano from Storz & Bickel is arguably one of the greatest desktop vaporizers ever made. Now its time for the classic to move over because there is a new [More]
My 2019 review of the Plenty vaporizer: forum.vapelife.com/discussion/5354/2019-plenty-review-most-underappreciated-underrated-vaporizer Read my review here: www.vapecritic.com/plenty/ Use promo code VAPENOW15 for 15% OFF at Vapor.com: vapeworld.evyy.net/1zaY6 Poll: Have you ever used a Plenty? forum.vapelife.com/discussion/5305/poll-have-you-ever-used-a-plenty-vaporizer Currently my top pick [More]
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The only thing I did with the Volcano before recording this footage was load the filling chamber with about 0.25 g of herbs. If you are a medical consumer like myself (especially if you have [More]
GET THE BOLT M! – www.dabadovaporizers.com/collections/box-mods WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH as I take shatter dabs and review the best enail set up I’ve ever had, the DABADO BOLT M!!! If [More]
WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH as I get insanely high trying out my new PULSAR APX SMOKER WEED VAPORIZER!!! If you enjoyed this video please SLAM that LIKE button and share [More]
My name is Nick, and I’m a Medical Marijuana patient in Nevada, NRS 435a compliant. This channel is for adults and patients 18 years and over!! www.instagram.com/renegadecannabiscompany/ www.instagram.com/errlystar_/ www.instagram.com/vaderextractsnevada/ THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Stay tuned [More]