Firefly | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review
Class is now in session. I didn’t mention the app at all or that you can actually change the temperatures of the vaporizer without ever using the app itself. Apple has banned all apps that [More]
wild south winds, had an hour of continues flight with the FireFly 2.0 video edited to spare you the boredom, if you would like to see the full flight please comment down below. thumbs up [More]
The iPhone of vaporizers. It’s remarkably good looking. It’s easy to clean. It only heats up when you draw. It’s the Firefly 2. [00:17] Unboxing Firefly 2 Vaporizer [00:25] The Firefly 2 kit comes with: [More]
Testing the Hawkeye Firefly 2 Action Cam on SMRC S20 Drone & HBX 12815 Protector RC Car at the park. My 1st Firefly 1 cam went into the lake & died so had to get [More]
Mat Lee takes a first look at the Firefly 2 for this new episode of the Hot Box live sesh. The full review will be up on Stuff Stoners Like once it’s finished. Be sure [More]
Check it out The Firefly 2+ vaporizer takes everything great about the two previous versions of the firefly vaporizer and adds modern features to make use even more intuitive. Have a look at the [More]