How to use the Arizer Air Vaporizer | Planet of the Vapes Purchase your Arizer Air Vaporizer and accessories here: Video transcript: This is the Planet of the Vapes Arizer Air quickstart guide, where [More]
Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Quickstart User Guide | Planet of the Vapes Find accessories for your Arizer Extreme Q here: This is the planet of the vapes Arizer Extreme Q user guide, where we [More]
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Arizer brings us the Quick Start Guide for the Arizer Go. A fast and easy way to operate your ArGo for those in need of some quick tips. Arizer is Canada’s leading vaporizer manufacturer. Their [More]
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Everything you need to know about your new Air II. Same small size, even BIGGER performance! © 2017 Arizer, Waterloo, ON Canada, All rights reserved. Arizer, the Arizer logos, and Air II are trademarks or [More]
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