Reviewing the Yocan Plus Dry Herb/wax pen and showing how to use it. Website to purchase- I am smoking on monrow farms sour space candy 18.6%CBD
DMT Dry Herb ecigarette is a elegant designed vaporizer. It has a LCD screen which shows battery statues and puffs. For more infomation check out our website. We have Ecigarette Giveaways and Lucky Draw constantly [More]
Hylo Digital Herbal Vaporizer The Hylo herbal vaporizer has been a customer favorite. It’s now even better. The new Hylo dry herb personal vaporizer features a quartz chamber and a variable digital temperature. This dry [More]
Pith Dry Herb Vape. Get one here: Use my code at checkout for 10% off with free shipping: PithJG10 This is a super portable and super discrete vaporizer for your dried cannabis flowers. I [More]
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Magnum 2 Bongpen / Cigar-like Dry Herb Vape.
I finally get my replacement portable dry herb vape. The Boundless Tera V3. The new unit seems to be better than my first one which had a very restricted draw. Another good point about it [More]
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This is a very versatile and hearty unit. Feels solid and durable. The glass inserts however are very fragile and can be ordered from many vendors as replacements. Just don’t drop them 🙂 Opinions: This [More]