The Ghost MV1 Vape is 2019’s most advanced All-In-One vaporizer on the market using a unique style of convection heating. A true hybrid vape is hard to find, we are glad to introduce a personal [More] – If you’re vaping loose leaf material with your Ascent, you should surely watch this video to know more what other herbs you can try. Click to watch now. Vaping loose leaf material in [More]
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Top 10 herbs you can vape besides Cannabis or CBD is the subject of our dry herb vaping advice video. At Vape and Juice TV we are pretty active in the CBD and Cannabis space. [More]
Welcome to our video on how to get the best performance from your Ghost MV1 when using with dry herbs. A step by step guide to loading your crucible, selecting the temperature settings and using [More] – Heya VapeTempers! If you’re wondering what is the best way to load the DaVinci bowl, check the video here. In order to maximize vapor production and give you the best results to vape [More]
Dan Hoff, COO of HoneyStick goes through a very quick video to assist in using the HoneyStick HRB Dry Herb Vaporizer. In this video it serves as a quick start guide on how to turn [More]
Just a short demo on how coil heats up. Best for full melts.
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