Y3B Review Kandypens Oura. Isaac couldn’t make it to this one. Use our coupon code Y3B10 at www.fatassglass.com (We do not own rights to the music)
We unboxed the KandyPens OURA from Vapor.com to see what all the talk is about! From color-coded temperature settings to an easily-removable glass bulb, the OURA comes with everything you need to enjoy a stylish [More]
18+older. This portable concentrate vaporizer is awesome! The size makes it awesome for portability and makes dabbing on the go easy. The unit has 4 temp settings and is easily changed and ready for whatever [More]
The KandyPens Rubi is a refillable cartridge vaporizer that can be used with eliquids, nic salts, thc oils and other vape extracts. Kandypens RUBI e-cig/Vape Refillable Pods Full Unboxing and Review Mr Salt e Nic [More]
Highhhh guys! Its finally here! My review for the Kandypens Oura. This was a highly requested video and even if it wasn’t I wanted to do this video showing you the differences between the Kandypens [More]
Hi! The atomizer in my Oura stopped working, so I got a replacement. Here’s how to install it, come hang out! Follow me on Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter @merrrica Follow them @Kandypens Thank you for [More]
In this video we review the Oura by Kandypens. Its another portable dabbing device that’s up there with the Carta and Peak. This has 4 different heating levels and has a cool design. I like [More]
So Kandypens sent over an Oura for me to try out & I quickly fell in love. The atomizer on this unit is GENIUS & the 4 temp settings are dialed in great. Hands down [More]