Micro | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review
Just to prove that the first video with fogging was my own fault, this time I let the camera acclimatise before flying with it and no fogging, I flew for 30 mins on this flight [More]
Thanks to a tip on one of Albert Kim’s videos, I ordered a set of cheap Irix ND filters that can easily be cut down and used on the Hawkeye Firefly 2 between the camera [More]
✔️ Hawkeye Firefly Micro 2: bit.ly/2Wbr4kQ ✔️ @ Amazon EU: amzn.to/2JMN3bj 👇Expand the description for MORE information and links👇 =================================================== #firefly #actioncam #tech4all 💻🖥 Want to stay safe from hackers, remain anonymous online and access [More]
Firefly 2 CN bit.ly/2Ua6VHK Firefly 2 USA bit.ly/2GFR1Rg Firefly 1 bit.ly/2DCufb4 Mobius Mini bit.ly/2IVdqvp Turtle v2 bit.ly/2IUkM2g runcam split bit.ly/2Rv5k22 Up scaled to 4k60 to see in higher definition than youtube allows Firmware update bit.ly/2IGwTR1 [More]
MiniNail Micro Enail Kit – Quartz Ebanger We do a bunch of dabs from the Mini Nail Micro! The Mini Nail Micro is built to be a daily driver for the daily dabber and is [More]
In this Video I Show You How To Pack You Grenco Science Micro G Pen With Wax Micro G Pen Unboxing! www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUlv65MtHK8 You can purchase replacement parts for your Micro G Pen Here! www.vapepartsmart.com/product-category/herbal-vaporizer/g-pen-parts/ EGO [More]
Just a quick little review of the micro g pen. Hope this helps some people out and I hope you enjoy this video. Smoke on !!
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PURCHASE a Glass Globe Attachment HERE! www.vapepartsmart.com/product/wax-glass-globe-micro-style-pens/ Got a new attachment for my micro g pen. Its the glass globe which gives you a prettty cool cloud effect! Leave a comment down below with your [More]