Enjoying wax, shatter and budder on the go sounds like a great idea, but a lot of handheld dab rigs aren’t worth the effort. The Torrch, powered by Green Tank Technologies, cuts out the mess [More]
The Airvape X is a super slimline powerful dry herb vaporiser that can easily handle concentrate and shatter. The protective case makes this an excellent portable device. The session mode is great for sharing with [More]
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My review of the KandyPens Oura portable dab rig, get 25% off with code Stayup25 here: www.vapelife.com/shop.php?v=oura Oura vaporizer forum thread: forum.vapelife.com/discussion/5725/oura-by-kandypens STAY UP -Bud www.vapecritic.com
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This short clip made by Vie shows how versatile, easy and effective the Vie is to use for both your herbs and waxes. You can purchase yours here at vapestore.co.za/vie-vaporizer.
Take in this one of a kind pocket dry herb Vaporizer. With it’s 1950’s retro look this cool vape is a stunner. Buy a Firefly at VapeWorld: bit.ly/FireFlyVapeWorld … Albeit a little heavy, the nice [More]
From a company out in Seattle it is finally here for the world to see first stoner mom now me we are the only 2 people with a review of this vape. If you Wanna [More]
vapevetstore.com/products/atmos-rx-dry-herb-and-wax-vaporizer-pen-3x-glass-screens Use this guide to get the most out of your #herb with the #Atmos Raw Rx and #G5 Portable #Vaporizer Pens. Check out my store for great deals. Aside from packing a small amount [More]