This short clip made by Vie shows how versatile, easy and effective the Vie is to use for both your herbs and waxes. You can purchase yours here at
Take in this one of a kind pocket dry herb Vaporizer. With it’s 1950’s retro look this cool vape is a stunner. Buy a Firefly at VapeWorld: … Albeit a little heavy, the nice [More]
From a company out in Seattle it is finally here for the world to see first stoner mom now me we are the only 2 people with a review of this vape. If you Wanna [More] Use this guide to get the most out of your #herb with the #Atmos Raw Rx and #G5 Portable #Vaporizer Pens. Check out my store for great deals. Aside from packing a small amount [More]
Hope ya enjoyed the review of this great vaporizer. If ya want to purchase this vape heres the link
Hey all! This video showcases a neat little boro glass portable vaporizer called the Vaponic. I got this vaporizer from a company in Spain that designs a few different, interesting vaporizers. It has a patented [More]
This is a official introduction for Tripperflask Vaporizer. The Tripperflask Portable Vaporizer, A brand new revolutionary product by ISWEED. It is elegant, stylish, compact and comfortable. The huge chamber can fit 0.5-1.5g herb. It features [More]
If you order the DaVinci IQ from the link above you will also get a free premium herb grinder included with your order.
Ello poppets! In this video I unbox the new XVape Vista Mini! An awesome little dab rig that just hit the market. Check out my first thoughts and everything in this video and if you [More]
I finally get my replacement portable dry herb vape. The Boundless Tera V3. The new unit seems to be better than my first one which had a very restricted draw. Another good point about it [More]