In this one I hit up one of the best Ultra-Portable conduction vapes on the market in the DaVinci IQ, I also break out nearly every accessory and show you the who,what,where,why & how… So [More]
Yocan Thor: The Yocan Thor portable e-nail is seriously awesome! Not only does it use Nero Technology, there is no cut off and the chamber is HUGE! It is pretty awesome, I haven’t tried [More]
Bolt portable e-nail teaser
Experience pure vaping delight with the Pulsar Elite Series Pro Portable eNail Vaporizer! Built for herb, wax, and oil! The cordless, rechargeable feature allows you to take the fun with you. For more information click [More]
GET ONE: New SOURCE nail Portable eNail & Vape Pen is the only portable eRig that also works as a portable vaporizer pen. With 3 Different coil-less atomizers (Grade 2 Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz) [More] – Davinci Vaporizer Hash – Portable Herbal and Oil Vaporizer Situs Research – Buy the Davinci portable vaporizer direct and save. Also, learn more about out newest addition, – Davinci Vaporizer Hash – Portable Herbal and Oil Vaporizer [More]
Here’s our video review of the Vapir Prima, a really nice portable vaporizer by the same guys behind the Vapir NO2 and the Vapir Rise.
Ascent by DaVinci ( is the very first glass-on-glass portable vaporizer. Its vapor pathway is constructed entirely of glass. From the glass-lined ceramic heating chamber to the mouthpiece, all you’ll find is glass in the [More]
this thing is LIT you guys I’m telling you. it got me sooooo faded. TO GET YOUR OWN G9 TC PORT: JOYA SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @thejoyaride Twitter: @thejoyaride Snapchat: @joyyyyag Periscope: @joyyyyag WEBSITE: [More]
The price of the PAX2 may be high but for sheer ease of use and cannabis vaping performance it’s just about flawless. A portable vaporizer perfect for someone willing to pay for quality, stealthiness [More]