The Pulsar Hand-E Nail V2 dab rig is a colorful wax / oil vaporizer and perfectly portable! This bright rig has one-button operation, grade 2 Titanium and ceramic heating plate for quick heating, a super-strong [More]
TVAPE looks at the Pulsar APX Volt and gets you the full lowdown on what’s new, read on to learn more! The APX Volt wax pen is a stealthy little wax pen with a ton [More]
TVAPE takes you through the Pulsar Flow and gets you the full breakdown on how to get this budget convection-style vaporizer working its best. Read on to learn more! The Pulsar Flow is the somewhat [More]
Well, if you have watched my videos before… I do ramble about similar stuff. As for the most part I do state that the coil itself is a real nice choice of coils for vaping [More]
Hi Folks! Got something a little different for us to take a look at today! It’s a 510 threaded dry herb attachment from Pulsar that apparently does not combust! For those not familiar, 510 threading [More]
The Pulsar APX is a versatile vaporizer that gives you the ability to vape both dry herb and wax concentrates(I prefer herb for this unit) with ease. With just 4 inches tall and inexpensive price [More]
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Here we review a few of the latest Pulsar Atomizers. The Cyclone, Wax Vubbler & the ceramic wax and herb Ohm Atomizer. The Pulsar Cyclone Atomizer Tank features 3 holes that swirl and cool the [More]
Vapesterdam reviews the Pulsar Go Wax/Smoker and gets you the full scoop on this crazy combustible. Read on to learn more! The Pulsar Go Wax/Smoker is a combination device acting as both a wax pen [More]
Find it here: Pulsar APX Wax is a compact but powerful portable wax vaporizer with a little secret–despite it’s small size it boasts a whopping triple quartz rod atomizer with a quartz chamber. Expect [More]