#RasTermsAPX – Pulsar Vaporizers & RasTerms have come together to produce the limited edition RasTerms APX Vaporizer, wrapped in RasTerm’s exclusive artwork & finished off with gold accents. This 4″ compact vaporizer with ceramic chamber [More]
Pulsar Flow: bit.ly/PULSARFlow APX Wax: bit.ly/APXwax Giveaway on Instagram: www.instagram.com/thedabspot USE CODE DabSpot10 FOR 10% OFF Checking out an incredible new design from Pulsar! This is the Flow Vaporizer for dry herb, and it works [More]
One of our favorite portable vaporizers for dry herb just got even better. Buy it here: www.vapornation.com/pulsar-apx-vaporizer.html Check out our full review: www.vapornation.com/blog/pulsar-apx-v2-vaporizer-review.html The Pulsar APX v2 takes everything we love about the original Pulsar [More]
Hey Everybody! Today we are looking at the Pulsar Flow vaporizer and this is one that you’re going to want to keep an eye on!! Please note that this is a PRE RELEASE version and [More]
bit.ly/PULSARAPX Welcome back Fam! Today we are looking at a neat dry herb vaporizer from Pulsar called the APX. They have tons of different color options, some of the coolest I have seen on the [More]
Find this vaporizer for sale at www.herbtools.com/pulsar-apx-vaporizer-blue.html
Find this vaporizer for sale at www.herbtools.com/pulsar-apx-vaporizer-black.html
Buy: Full review: Best weed vapes of this year: thevape.guide/best-dry-herb-vaporizer/ SLX Grinder: thevape.guide/slx-grinder-review/ Pulsar Flow Vaporizer Review: Hello everyone Oron here for The Vape Guide and today we have a quick review of the new [More]