#RasTermsAPX – Pulsar Vaporizers & RasTerms have come together to produce the limited edition RasTerms APX Vaporizer, wrapped in RasTerm’s exclusive artwork & finished off with gold accents. This 4″ compact vaporizer with ceramic chamber [More]
Review of a unit i picked up at a local shop for medicinal oils and waxes
Follow this link to purchase the Pulsar APX from VaporNation for $59.99: www.vapornation.com/pulsar-apx-vaporizer.html?acc=af21d0c97db2e27e13572cbf59eb343d **ALL VIDEOS ARE INTENDED FOR EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES** ALL PRODUCTS ARE FULLY LEGAL IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, OREGON AND COLORADO. [More]
Find Pulsar APX Smoker Here: www.vapornation.com/pulsar-apx-smoker-kit.html As you’ll see in our Pulsar APX Smoker Kit unboxing, you don’t need a match to smoke. This handy portable electronic pipe flips the script on traditional hand pipes [More]
Hey Guys and Gals, The Pulsar APX Vaporizer is great entry level convection vape that produces smooth tasty vapour…
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SHOP PULSAR VAPORIZERS HERE: www.pulsarvaporizers.com/ SHOP HERE: thehighriseco.com/ SUBSCRIBE HERE: www.youtube.com/user/TheHighRiseCo/ What’s up guys Happy Friday! We got some sick dry herb vaporizers sent to us from Pulsar Vapes so we decided to bang out [More]
Pulsar APX Dry Herb Vaporizer Unboxing! Check out the Pulsar APX here: www.vaporizerwizard.com/shop/pulsarapx And Here: www.pulsarvaporizers.com/vaporizers/apx-dry-herb-vaporizer-kit This is the second video in the dry herb vaporizer unboxing series and I think you guys will like [More]
Reviewing pulsar apx wax and the cloud v classic and the clouds new atomizer the dual coul ceramic tornado. Love my cloud best way to smoke wax shout out to hiphopbling.com go there for the [More]