Reviewing pulsar apx wax and the cloud v classic and the clouds new atomizer the dual coul ceramic tornado. Love my cloud best way to smoke wax shout out to go there for the [More]
Just wanted to show you guys a vaporizer that is a bit less expensive than most of the vaporizers I usually show you! The vapor production is impressive and the unit is just so easy [More] Code-PS420 Smash2k17 FOR 20% OFF SMASH10 for 10% off. Smoke Cartel Discount Code-POSITIVESMASH MERCH!!! 20% OFF RYOT and KANNASTOR with the code SMASH420 Also I use a [More]
The Hand-E Nail V2 is a vaporizer that is for use with your favorite waxy concentrates. The vaporizer features a glass percolation chamber for smooth vapor as well as a magnetic base and carb cap [More]
Vapesterdam reviews the Pulsar APX Herb and dives into this low-budget lark. Read on to learn more! The Pulsar APX Herb is a tiny-sized, tiny-priced dry herb vaporizer, which also includes an inconsequential wax canister. [More]
TVape shows how to clean the Pulsar APX Herb and get the most from this portable vaporizer. Read on to learn more! The Pulsar APX Herb is a dynamic value-based herbal vaporizer with a range [More]
Check out more of Pulsar’s products at ! Instagram: @Deevaology Twitter: @theurbandeeva Periscope: @theurbandeeva
Please go check out their channel- Follow this link to purchase the Pulsar APX from VaporNation for $59.99: **ALL VIDEOS ARE INTENDED FOR EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES** ALL PRODUCTS ARE FULLY LEGAL IN [More]
Experience pure vaping delight with the Pulsar Elite Series Pro Portable eNail Vaporizer! Built for herb, wax, and oil! The cordless, rechargeable feature allows you to take the fun with you. For more information click [More]
The Pulsar APX Vaporizer Pen retails for around $60. It vapes wax and dry herbs, watch the video to see if its worth it.