In this Episode of SHatterdaze, the budtainers review the YoCan Evolve Plus and Greenleaf RX’s Rockstar Shatter. •Feeling nice? Then share this video with your friends maybe by tweeting it! —————————————-­­————————————– •Give this video a [More]
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Well, if you have watched my videos before… I do ramble about similar stuff. As for the most part I do state that the coil itself is a real nice choice of coils for vaping [More]
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Hola, como andan vaporeros? Les dejamos el review del ARIZER AIR, luego de usarlo por varios meses. Espero que les guste, si quieren mas no duden en decirnos que otro video les gustaría que hagamos! [More] 2 in 1 Vape-Pen Mod Vape 420 Battery for Oil Wax Concentrate Starter Kit Vape 2 Cartridges From Airistech comes the Airis MW vaporizer pen for wax and oil concentrates. This 2-in-1 pod mod [More]