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Link: www.vapehub.com/shop/c/p/Yocan-Evolve-2-x38510610.htm We just got the Yocan 2.0 in the shop and wanted to give y’all a quick look at it. This is a pod system that comes with 3 different pods that are easily [More]
Here’s an unboxing, test, and review of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax/Concentrate Vaporizer Pen by @shivnibble, available from 180 Smoke at www.180smoke.ca/yocan-evolve-plus-xl-wax-vape-pen. The slightly smaller Evolve Plus is also available at www.180smoke.ca/yocan-evolve-plus-wax-vaporizer-pen For more [More]
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We have recently unboxed the Apollo AirVape X and have been testing it ever since. Here is our user’s review of this new herbal vaporizer, please let us know below if you have any questions [More]
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Taking a component by component breakdown look at the Yocan Evolve D Plus Dry Herb Burner
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