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In this review we take a close look at a fairly new vaporizer on the scene; the Vital dry herb vaporizer by XVAPE ✩Subscribe! : goo.gl/i863wA ✩Add me on SnapChat : PocketableTech ✩Twitter : twitter.com/PocketableTech [More]
In this Episode of SHatterdaze, the budtainers review the YoCan Evolve Plus and Greenleaf RX’s Rockstar Shatter. •Feeling nice? Then share this video with your friends maybe by tweeting it! —————————————-­­————————————– •Give this video a [More]
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Well, if you have watched my videos before… I do ramble about similar stuff. As for the most part I do state that the coil itself is a real nice choice of coils for vaping [More]
The PUFFiT X portable vaporizer is a discreet portable vaporizer that easily fits into your pocket. It is the new improved version of the very popular PUFFiT vaporizer. If you would like to purchase it [More]
www.vaporizerblog.com/ Review for : Wispr, Solo, Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB), Pax and Atmos Raw. See which vaporizer is the favorite for each of our vapebusters.
Airis Tick Premium Cannabis e Juice Vaporizer Review Learn more/ purchase one: airistechshop.com/products/airis-tick The Tick from Airis is a very compact vaporizer battery designed specifically for 510 thread e juice cartridges. It features a flip [More]
👍 Buy the PAX 3 Vaporizer: www.hailmaryjane.com/goto/pax-3/ 👍 Read the Full PAX 3 Review: www.hailmaryjane.com/vaporizers/pax-3-review/ After more than a year of using the PAX 3 vaporizer, we’ve finally decided to make a video review of [More]
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