I purchased the vaporizer in the video to use for myself and when I looked online for videos of how to use it I hardly came across anything that was of any use at all… [More]
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Hi, guys! Mandy and Aaron here. Recently, we were sent the Titan 2 Vaporizer to review from NY Vape Shop (NYVapeShop.com). We share our thoughts on the product in this video. To learn more about [More]
The yocan eveolve d is one of the most popular dry herb vape burners on the market.
Reviewing and Testing out the Heavy Hitters Quattro! Hitting 4 vape pens at the same time. Check out Heavy Hitters: www.instagram.com/heavyhitterstpc www.tpcheavyhitters.com Any negative or unnecessary comments will be deleted! Thank you so much for [More]
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