Hi Guys! Here’s our short review of the X-MAX V2 Pro Vaporizer! The X-MAX V2 Pro is a pen-shaped vaporizer that very much resembles a regular e-cigarette. It is one of the cheapest dry-herb vapes [More]
🇨🇦 Visit our Canadian store www.vapenorth.ca 🇨🇦 Magic Flight Launch Box The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) is an institution in the portable vaporizer market. This is vaporization in it’s purest form; a device stripped [More]
www.imminentdawning.com the noochie costs $109 my review of the noochie flame powered vaporizer lets get to 420 subscribers by April!!!
Truly a fantastic product, absolutely the best thing for travel. www.yocantech.com/Evolve-Plus/index.html Purchase at www.amazon.com/dp/B01DKDDOK6 www.ebay.com/itm/262357095644? , You can find these at www.b2sqrd.com/ A great store that I really enjoy Health Canada Medical Cannabis Patient
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Vapesterdam reviews the Boundless Tera and gets you the full lowdown on the convection calamity. Read on to learn more! The Boundless Tera is the new all-singing, all-dancing, all-convection portable dry herb vaporizer from Boundless [More]
Okay, this is one of our favourites lately! The EVOLVE PLUS pen from YoCan is honestly so amazing. It provides the user with a pure and absolutely delicious taste from the concentrates we put in [More]
YoCan Evolve Plus Cannabis Concentrate Dab Pen Review
500mg ceramic coil pen. No butane, propane, hexane, propylene, or vegetable oil. Just C02 extracted strain specific cannabis oil
The FOB dry herb vape is SMALLLL. It will easily fit in your pocket w room to spare. Inconspicuous with a neat car FOB design. Metal oven. Can get close to 10 sessions per charge. [More]