My friend @TheDiamondBaby came and stayed the night at my house and he brought over a quarter pound of “fuck you up” . So we decided to dab ourselves to sleep or at least try [More]
18+older. We have a bunch of stuff from oozelife to show over the next few months today we busted out the silicone sax (saxamaphone pipe) xl dagmar, grinder tray, browser pipe, and then comet! Harry [More]
My old lady & I were discussing our new Arizer Solo vaporizer (model M107) and recorded this video for fun. If you are considering purchasing this wonderful vaporizer but needed more info about it or [More]
Just a video using my bubbler with the Arizer Solo 2. I try to cover everything there is to talk about…the Solo 2 is just a beast. Enjoy the temp stepping and watch as the [More]
The unboxing & full review of the Lotus Vaporizer conducted by Special thanks to Lotus for hooking us up with their great Vaporizer Pipe for review! Visit them at & use code “WeedOnline” [More]
Be sure to leave a like or a comment if you enjoyed! Let’s do another 1 gram dab. Rosin Video: CA Prop 215/SB 420 Compliant, CHANNEL 18+
Part two of three cause the videos got messed up and couldn’t be combined. How to use the Pax 2 efficiently with three accessories.
Today Mike & I Dab on the V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer Kit! Get yours Here: I get totally blazed reviewing the Pax Era. I seshed for an hour and talked through what I love and hate about the Pax Era. Pax Era is available from the following: Pax Store: [More]
Pax2 Pax3 easy way to stop the smell and keep it clean for next session