Just a video using my bubbler with the Arizer Solo 2. I try to cover everything there is to talk about…the Solo 2 is just a beast. Enjoy the temp stepping and watch as the [More]
The unboxing & full review of the Lotus Vaporizer conducted by WeedOnline.com. Special thanks to Lotus for hooking us up with their great Vaporizer Pipe for review! Visit them at lotusvaporizer.com/lotus-vaporizer-pipe/ & use code “WeedOnline” [More]
Be sure to leave a like or a comment if you enjoyed! Let’s do another 1 gram dab. Rosin Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0w1MZOFdX0 CA Prop 215/SB 420 Compliant, CHANNEL 18+
Part two of three cause the videos got messed up and couldn’t be combined. How to use the Pax 2 efficiently with three accessories.
Today Mike & I Dab on the V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer Kit! Get yours Here: bit.ly/V2ProSeries3x
420vapezone.com/pax-era-review-7-months-later/ I get totally blazed reviewing the Pax Era. I seshed for an hour and talked through what I love and hate about the Pax Era. Pax Era is available from the following: Pax Store: [More]
Pax2 Pax3 easy way to stop the smell and keep it clean for next session
Part one of three videos that got split due to incoming phone calls. I demonstrate how to use the Pax 2 with the three NEEDED accessories. How to have a great vaping session.
This is not a review it’s a session with the iq with some chat about Davinci and the product