I am so grateful to have been invited to the Storz and Bickel factory. Namaste Technologies has maintained an amazing relationship with Storz and Bickel, and them opening their doors to me really demonstrates that. [More]
Check out the Plenty Here: bit.ly/2ErKYQ1 —————————————————————————————————————— This has to be one of the more interesting vaporizers out there. The Plenty is basically a handheld Volcano. The only thing bigger than this vaporizer is the [More]
In this one I review and demo the beast that is The Plenty Desktop Dry Herb Vape by Storz & Bickel.. it is about to get real. Website- herb-vapes.com/
Edit 10/13/2017: Hello everyone! I was just informed today that I have been approved as an affiliate with GotVape.com, so if you liked the demonstration of this device and are thinking of getting one for [More]
Hier stelle ich euch den Crafty von Storz und Bickel vor.
Crafty Storz & Bickel – mniejszy brat popularnego modelu Mighty Dostępny u nas, oczywiście w najniższej cenie – vapuj.pl/crafty-od-storz-bickel.html
Just myself vaping a little & showing off a great vaporizer. #vaporizer, #marijuana, #Storz & Bickel, #disabled, #Rottwieler,
I change my filter every six months it works for me, I like to keep my volcano like new thanks.
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I have seen quite a few questions regarding these.. So here is my impression of them, featuring the Plenty & Mighty.